Tweet Pics

Tweet Pics is an app for discovering and browsing pictures that have been posted to twitter. I had the idea for this app years ago (2010?) and have always wanted to make it- mostly for the purpose of using it myself! Matt Reed and I had gone though many iterations of design and development of this app, and we finally decided to bite the bullet and get it done the summer of 2012. During the development process the Twitter 1.1 api came about with all it's restrictions, changes, and API token limits, but we pushed ahead with development anyway and released the app right before Christmas 2012.

My Role

Being a product of Pinch Studios, I was the only developer on the project, with Matt Reed by my side as my amazingly talented design and UX expert!


The twitter API is a strange strange thing, full of weird patterns and quirks. Also- there's no way to just ask for images from the twitter API. The app works by requesting large amounts of tweets, and then running though a scrubber I wrote to inspect the tweet for media from a few commonly used image services. Tweets that meet the requirements are saved and displayed. There's also a bit of "explicit" image filtering done by comparing against Google's list of bad words (NSFW) in order to prevent any troubles with the App Store review process. This app is the first one I've gotten to make that targets iOS 6.0, which means I was able to use auto layout and UICollectionView, which was very fun and exciting. Another challenge with this app has been monetization. We've priced the app at $2.99, which I think is a fair price considering the quality of the application, but due to the "Race to the bottom" of the App Store, I think we're going to have to limit features and add In App purchases.

Tweet Pics - Pinch Studios

Pill Prompter

Pill Prompter, A.K.A "The Greatest App of All Time", was the first App that I ever completed, and the first app my design partner Matt Reed ever designed. The idea for the app came from my wife, and Matt Reed and I as "Pinch Studios" went on to create the world's prettiest and simple to use birth control taking iPhone app.

To this day I'm still impressed with how well this app has done. We released a paid for version for $1.99 and an iAd supported free version. The paid version does alright, but the free version has an amazing amount of active users and downloads, and shows up third on a search for "Birth Control" in the App Store. We get lots of feedback from the app, and are planning on releasing version 3.0 with iPhone 5 support, themes, customizable alert messages, a new design, and In App Purchases to add support for tracking more than one pill.

My Role

Pill Prompter is another good old fashioned app brought to you by Pinch Studios, developed by me and designed by Matt Reed.


Being my first app, everything was a challenge! At the time Object Oriented Programing, Xcode, Objective C, and the iOS SDK were all brand new to me. The hardest part of the app was dealing with and keeping track of dates. Something I still don't quite enjoying doing to this day!

Pill Prompter - Pinch Studios

Discover Our Town

Discover Our Town is a neat little app made by WillowTree Apps for Discover Our Town. It's used for discovering places in a given town by category.

My Role

This app was the first application I was lead on at WillowTree, and was developed by me.


This app was the first application that made heavy use of networking for me, and also had that neat spinning category wheel, which took some effort to get done.

Discover Our Town -

My Pregnancy Today

My Pregnancy Today is a great app made by WillowTree Apps and Baby Center together. It helps mothers track what's happening in their pregnancy, and has tons of users. It's full of great content, is super easy to use, and earns great reviews on the App Store.

My Role

The app was already in the store when I was placed on the project. My role was to localize the application for about 15 locales, and make a few feature updates.


While adding in content for all these locales I ran into many challenges. Words have very different lengths in different languages, so making sure that all UI element remain in place and are able to display their content is tough. Not to mention date and number formatting, and the different ways countries treat pregnancy duration. Coordinating and QA'ing the application was a fun task as well, given the many time zones and languages that needed to come together to get everything done.

My Pregnancy Today - BabyCenter

My Baby Today

My Baby Today is another application made by the WillowTree and Baby Center teams combined.

My Role

The lead at WillowTree was programmer extraordinaire Joel Garrett. I was tasked to help him get the project done in time and out of the door.

My Baby Today - BabyCenter

Derm 101: Point of Care

Derm 101: Point of Care (brought to you by WillowTree Apps and Silver Chair) is a great reference app for dermatologists. Coming first in english and later in a spanish version, this (sometimes gross) app has a ton of content including images, descriptions, treatment information, and differential diagnosis images.

My Role

I was the lead and only developer of both iPhone and iPad versions, spanish and english, with guidance by Joel Garrett.


This was my first iPad app and first app to use Core Data. There's also an OS X app counterpart which parses a ton of XML into a sqlite database for the application. Let's not talk about how much fun writing an XML parser for spanish content is.

Derm101: Point of Care - Silverchair

Brooklyn Nets

Another WillowTree Apps hit, made for the Brooklyn Nets!

My Role

Lead developer of this slick app was Trung Tran. I helped him by building the instagram photos section, and working in some of the social sharing features.

Brooklyn Nets - Brooklyn Nets

BIA Kelsey - iPad

BIA Kelsey is a universal iOS application by WillowTree Apps for BIA Kelsey

My Role

The iPhone version of the app was already completed and in the store, and I was tasked to create the iPad version- making it a universal application!

BIA Kelsey - BIA Advisory Services LLC

Nail the DX

This interesting little application is the app version of an existing set of information regarding fingernail issues by Mark E. Williams, M.D. It's helpful for learning about different problems that can occur, and how to identify them. Brought to you by WillowTree Apps.

My Role

I was the lead and only developer on this application, with the aid of some data processing by an intern.


Likewise is a super cool ios app, android app, and facebook app by WillowTree Apps. It's currently "on hold" waiting for a revival. Likewise gathers all your likes and all your friends likes (and I think we even got it doing friends of friends likes) and makes them searchable by category and location. The idea being you could discover new places / things using your network's likes a recommendation engine.

My Role

I was the lead developer of the iOS App.


The iOS app was dead simple. But I have to take a moment to brag on the almighty Thibaud Morel l'Horset. Not only can he beat you at StarCraft blindfolded, but he can create a server infrastructure that can crawl your and all your friends likes in a matter of seconds, and store them for lightening fast search and indexing.

Double Dream Hands

Planet Rock! Double Dream Hands is an app that places your face on John Jacobson as he does the Double Dream Hands Dance! The application lets you view, export, and share the video! Made by WillowTree Apps.

My Role

I created the UI, navigation, and sharing features of the application, while Kevin Snead tackled the complicated world of AVFoundation to do the composition of your face on the video. Ask Kevin about the time that I accidentally blew up the SVN repo after he reassured me that he's never had any disastrous problems with source control. Also we use git now!

Notable Press

This application was used on the Ellen TV show!. That day it rose to the top 15 of it's categories!

Double Dream Hands - WillowTree Apps, Inc.

Campout East

Campout East is a nice little app to help you navigate and see who's playing when at the Campout East Music Festival made by WillowTree Apps.

My Role

I was lead and only developer of this application in both 2011 and 2012 flavors of the app!

Campout East - WillowTree Apps, Inc.


IED IMPACT is a really cool app that's unlike anything else I've been involved with. Made by WillowTree Apps for Should2Shoulder. IED IMPACT is a social network for people involved in certain branches of the military, and offers advice, community, videos, and many other kinds of content to help support these people.

My Role

Lead developer on the application while I was working on it was Kevin Snead. I was on the project for a relatively short time, and helped Kevin get things done when the work was piling up.

IED IMPACT - Shoulder 2 Shoulder, Inc

Lish Your Life

Lish your Life is a cool app that goes with It's quite simple- and that's what makes it so cool. Take a picture, place a "sticker" on it, and share it!

My Role

I was the lead and only developer on the project.

Lish Your Life - Lish by Payvment

Pilot Time

This app is a classic! An original by WillowTree Apps. The CEO, CTO, and VP of engineering are all pilots, so this app really is "for pilots / by pilots".

My Role

This application was by "demo" / "trial" app while prospecting to be an employee at WillowTree Apps.


This app was a gateway to me getting a great job, so I had to make sure I did it right. It was only my fourth complete app, and my first time having to use source control in a "real work environment".

Pilot Time - WillowTree Apps, Inc.

Tipt - Tip Tracker

Tipt is another Pinch Studios product. This one was thrown together by me alone as a weekend project while my counterpart Matt Reed was away in Japan. I worked as a pizza delivery driver for many years, so this app was created to fulfill a need I had always had. It tracks tips, helping you check out at the end of the night, and do a little statistics on your earnings. We'll be making a version 2.0 soon that will have some good design work done on it, and a lot more features!

My Role

I was the only developer and designer on the particular version of the project. Design was never my forte- can't you tell? Version 2 will be much better with the help of my designer!

Tipt - Tip Tracker - Pinch Studios

Charlottesville nTelos Wireless Pavilion

Charlottesville nTelos Wireless Pavilion is an app made by WillowTree Apps for nTelos. It features showtimes, information, and a live chat feature which we worked very hard on!

My Role

There were a lot of us on this project. Joel Garret and I focused on the chat feature- with him doing the networking bits and me doing the UI.


Have you ever worked with XMPP before? Don't.

Charlottesville nTelos Wireless Pavilion - WillowTree Apps, Inc.

Pigskin Live

Brought to you by your friends at Pinch Studios, Pigskin Live (and Pigskin Live Free, supported by iAds) bring you live NFL football scores, in a very fashionable format!

My Role

Pigskin Live is such a cool app. Matt Reed and I threw this thing together literally in one weekend, with him on design and me on development.


This was my second iPhone app, so I was still learning the ropes. It was also my first time touching network code on the platform. More challenging than that may have been finding the color values and NFL abbreviations for all those teams! The feed we got the scores from was from the NFL's flash widget for live scores. This had two problems! The JSON was invalid (but was good enough for the flash widget I suppose) so a lot of cleanup was involved. The second problem was the rights and licensing for using that feed and the data in it. Do you know how much that costs and if it's legal? Neither do we- and that's why it's not in the store right now!

Valpak Local Savings

You know those blue envelopes you get in the mail? Valpak Coupons! Brought to you by WillowTree Apps for Valpak. This thing is great. You can get coupons and deals by location for all kinds of things. It also offers Passbooks passes for all the coupons. The Valpak development team have been some of the most fun people to work with!

My Role

I'm the only and lead developer on the iPhone and iPad applications.


This app has been going for quite a while, and is always evolving and adding new features (like when Passbook came out). This keeps the app fresh, interesting, and relevant, but it also meaning paying attention to graceful upgrade paths and API versioning. It's also a big app!

Valpak Local Savings - Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.

Valpak Business Center

This application is for merchant who offer Valpak savings- made by WillowTree Apps for Valpak. Merchants can use this app to redeem, track, and get information about the savings and deals they offer via Valpak.

My Role

I am the lead and only developer of this project.

Valpak Business Center - Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.

About Me

Hi! My name is Andrew Carter and I'm a senior iOS developer at WillowTree Apps. I also make apps with Matt Reed as Pinch Studios in my spare time for fun. In the past I've done web development (mainly custom Wordpress themes) and computer repair. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games (StarCraft and Team Fortress 2 being my main jam), disc golf, watching anime, and playing guitar.